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Product description:

The safety shower allows you to rinse your entire body from above. The integrated eye washer allows you to rinse your eyes with a gentle stream. The devices operate independently of each other. The device is mounted to the wall, inside buildings. The structure is made of polished steel stainless steel grades 304 and 316.OHS sign with pictogram and instruction manual is included.

The shower is activated by pulling a stainless pull rod. It remains open until it is manually closed. The eye wash is activated by pressing the flag handle with your hand or elbow. The flag handle is located on the right side of the eye wash bowl, directly on the valve.

The device should be connected to the mains in one from two possible places:
1. at the very bottom of the vertical pipe – to the internal thread. 3/4″
2. at the very top of the vertical pipe to the int. thread. 3/4″.
The choice is made by changing the plug. Minimum pressure is 2.6 bar.

The used water from the shower and the eyewash falls on the floor.

There are 4 mounting holes to attach the device to a wall, with diameter of 6 mm. Screws and wall plugs are included.

The total length does not exceed 120 cm. Device protrudes 53 cm from the wall. All pipes are 3/4 inch in diameter. The diameter of the shower head is 19 cm.

The device is certified by the National Institute of Hygiene and has a declaration of conformity with PN-EN 15154-2:2006. Copies of both documents are attached to the device.

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