About company GRABEXIM

We produce safety showers made of acid-resistant steel. These are the highest quality products that are adapted to the applicable regulations and meet all formal requirements. Because all elements are manufactured in Poland, their prices are lower by several dozen percent than imported showers
made of ordinary galvanized steel. We offer wall-mounted eye washers, safety showers, hose showers, laboratory showers, tap-mounted eye washers, eye wash + shower sets.

We provide a 10-year warranty for all Grabexim safety showers.

All devices are manufactured in our production plant in Gdańsk. From the beginning, we have focused on the highest quality of products that we export to many countries, including Switzerland and the USA.

We use only stainless steel for production. When buying from our company, you will avoid the traps that people who order safety showers from our competitors fall into

Latest products

399.00  ex. VAT 490.77  incl. VAT
399.00  ex. VAT 490.77  incl. VAT
799.00  ex. VAT 982.77  incl. VAT
799.00  ex. VAT 982.77  incl. VAT